Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursdays Craziness!

50 Goes In On Floyd Mayweather!

50 added an Instagram video today demolishing Mayweather’s intelligence. Referring to the viral ice bucket challenge to raise money for ASL, the rapper challenged Mayweather to something a little different...

Floyd will you except my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you can read a full page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without starting and stopping or fucking up. lmao.”

Waka Got A Baby on the Way & it ain't Tammy's??


Normally when we hear that a rapper got his SIDE CHICK pregnant - we're like DANG YOU MESSED UP. But in the case of rapper Wacka Flocka . . . we're more like . . . HITTA YOU MADE IT!! just spoke with an IMPRECCABLE SNITCH who tells us that Wacka got the half-Asian half-white daughter of a founder to a POPULAR INTERNET COMPANY pregnant. We were asked NOT to divulge the girls information, cause its NOT CLEAR she's keeping the child.

Here's what our snitch told us, "I go to school with Waka and [high tech founder]'s daughter and Waka was here last Spring performing at our school. Waka let a bunch of folks back to the hotel and she was behaving like a real groupie. Fast forward till now and it's a mess. She's pregnant and it's buzzing like crazy among our friends on Facebook."

While we can't say the name - we can tell you that dude is worth A BUNCH OF MONEY - hundreds of MILLIONS and probably BILLIONS!!

Damn! They just got married! I HOPE this ain't true!! Flocka! Gone!

Happy Bornday Kelis!!

The Milkshake singer Kelis turns 34 today.

Nicki & Mariah Headed for Divorce??

There are rumors that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may be splitting up after six years of marriage. People close to the couple say it certainly looks like their marriage is in trouble and they've been living separately. The couple recently put their $13 million mansion up for sale and fans on social media have noticed that they haven't been photographed together in several months.

Somebody Call Olivia Pope And Tell Her To Fix This! Columbus Short Has Another Warrent Out a For His Arrest!!

Columbus Short is a fugitive from justice. The former Scandal star skipped a second court date in his domestic violence case on Wednesday and the judge has increased his arrest warrant from $40,000 to $500,000.

Columbus has been in the Barbados since last month when he blew off his first court date. TMZ says he's expected to fly back to the U.S. soon and when he does he'll be immediately arrested.

Hashtag #FreeGucci

Gucci Mane had his day in court today (Wednesday) and pleaded guilty to felony gun possession.

The Atlanta rapper, born Radric Davis, has already been in custody for 11 months. Today he was sentenced to a total of 39 months in prison, which means he'll have to serve 28 more months. Once released, he'll still face three years of probatio.

Breezy Wants A Baby???

The 25-year-old Turn Up The Music singer posted to Instagram, 'Damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my sh**. Need to have this baby and stop playing! My WCW.' Guess he's ready to settle down & light up her oven.

Lauryn Hill Makes A Tribute to Mike Brown

With the growing amount of celebrities crying out their concerns over Mike Brown, Lauryn Hill is the latest to stand in protest with her song “Black Rage.” Remixed to the melody of the Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things,” Ms. Hill talks about the cruelties in life that fuel Black rage and gives her perspective about her own life. Take a listen below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.12.31 PM

Monday, August 18, 2014

On the Run Trailer

HBO drops the trailer for Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run concert event…

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday's Woes

Benzino & Stevie Really Beefing huh?

Praise Him, Columbus!

Columbus Short Catches the Holy Ghost??

Lololol! I guess Columbus had a "Come to Jesus" moment after all the turmoil that he's been through in his marriage & career. Here he is spotted out with Tank at an event & it looks like the spirit moved him... Get it Boi! 

Anybody Wondering What Nikko's (LHHATL) Wife looks like?? 
Here she is! S/O to Baller Alert
Chris Brown Drops Release Date for "X"

Rich Homie Quan Crushing On Who?? #WCW

Lil Wayne & Christina Milian A Couple or Nah??

Yeah, check out who hit the favorite button!

Bey & Jay Rumor Control

Beyonce & Jay Z want the haters to know that all is well in the home of the Carter's after she posted this Instagram pic.

Who Watched Sisterhood Of Hiphop???

Did you like the show or nah?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Break-ups, No make-ups

Welp, That was fun while it lasted but Draya & Orlando...

Have called it quits. 

I could tell from watching BBWLA that this had no longevity and I guess I was right. It's not the end of the world, there of plenty of athletic fish in the sea. 

(Revealed) The Truth Behind The Nicole & Strahan Split!! 

According to Tmz, here's what went down:

We're told Nicole showed up at Michael's hotel room, unannounced ... and began banging on the door shortly before midnight, causing a major scene.
Witnesses tell us Nicole was screaming Michael's name, saying, "I know you're in there with some bitch." She also yelled, for all to hear, "It's Michael from 'Kelly and Michael' in there."
The commotion woke up several guests in neighboring rooms -- some of whom stuck their heads out into the hallway. She ranted for 20 minutes before hotel security booted Nicole from the hotel.
Remember Her??

Back in 2009 MTV's Making the Band season 2 winner Sara Stokes was arrested on domestic violence charges for stabbing her husband Tony.

Looks like Sara is still kicking Tony's ass… 

According to TMZ Sara Stokes was arrested around 4am July 21 after police responding to 911 calls found Sara and Tony outside their house on the ground fighting. Sara was drunk.

This arrest violates Sara's probation for a previous domestic violence incident, also involving her husband Tony, earning Sara 93 days in jail.

New Music* Lil Kim "Hot Nigga Freestyle"

Lil Kim just had her baby & she's back in the booth! Check out her new freestyle below:

So, what do you think about it?? 

Oh, & ever wondered what her baby daddy looks like?