Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Warm it up Wednesdays

Flawless Video Coming Soon???

Wait for it...

Are You Ready For Lil Kim's Mixtape?? 

You read right! It drops tomorrow night @9:11 p.m.! Can't wait to hear what kind of heat the Queen B is bringing!

New Daytime Talkshow??

There’s a new daytime talk show that will join the likes of  The Talk and The Viewthis Fall 2014, and the panel’s all about keeping it real. After a test run for four weeks in the summer, Warner Bros. TV Distribution/Telepictures’ syndicated multicultural daytime talk show The Real will launch nationwide next fall with Fox TV Stations, EW has confirmed.

The Real — hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley (Sister, Sister), Tamar Braxton (Braxton Family Values), Loni Love (comedian), Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls), and Jeannie Mai (How Do I Look) and executive produced by Sally Ann Salsano — will also get a second window on BET. The format is similar to the The Wendy Williams Show, which also airs on Fox stations after a successful summer test run, and on BET.

Kelly Looks Like She's Ready To Pop!

So, THAT'S Where Keri Hilson's Been Hiding! She's Inlove!

Happy Anniversary to Keri & Serge Ibaka! (Photo cred: Baller Alert)

Faith is back!

Check my last post for the full video!

New Music Faith Evans- I Deserve It (Video)

It's been four years since the release of her last album, Faith Evans returns to the music scene with a new single “I Deserve It" ft Missy Elliott.

Faith’s sixth album Incomparable is due November 25 featuring contributions from Jazmine Sullivan and Karen Clark-Sheard.

Is Faith Back??

Apple Reveals The Release Date for the Iphone 6 & more!

Surprise, surprise! 

September 12th, Apple stores will have longer lines than footlocker when they release new J's!!

The Iphone 6 is said to be the most anticipated in Apple history. Competing with Samsung (Galaxy & Note) Apple users can now choose between the Iphone 6 & iphone Plus which has a 5.5 inch screen, noticeably bigger than the iphone 5. The iphone 6 is bigger as well with a 4.7 inch screen. Plan on buying one? Here are the prices for each below:

Now with a newer version comes an updates iOS system & iOS8 does have it's perks! Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to get with the free download of the new system, September 19th! 


When it comes to iOS 8 compatibility, Apple requires an iPhone 4S or newer andiPad 2 or newer to update to the latest software. Only the iPhone 4 is cut from the list.

Both the iPads mini and iPad mini 2tablets and the forever alone iPod touch 5th generation are also going to work with the new iOS, just like they did with iOS 7. No one besides 2010's iPhone 4 gets left behind.

iOS 8 camera time-lapse mode

Believe it or not, the iPhone is consistently the most used camera in the world. It's in so many hands and so easy to use. In iOS 8, the camera app is going to get even better.

Apple added a time-lapse camera mode to iOS 8 beta 1 in order to help users capture extended moments and automatically speed up the video with a higher frame rate.

Condensing everything road trips to candles burning down to their wick to just a few seconds in demoed in the YouTube video above.

iOS 8's time lapse mode is basically the opposite of the slow motion video recording option at 120 frames per second that Apple added to iOS 7 last year and Slow Mo 240fps in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

SMS and phone calls on Mac

iMessages has been a wonderful cross-compatible tool for chatting on iOS devices and Macs - at least until you try to leave your iPhone behind for an Android.

iOS 8 iMessages for iPad and Mac

Apple deserters, however, may be lured back to iOS 8 with SMS and voice callsbeing folded into iPads and Macs, just like blue iMessages currently pop up on Apple tablets and computers.

Handoff and WiFi hotspot

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are going to be joined at the hip with the Handoff feature that lets you pick up where you left off between devices.

Starting a project or email on an iPad or iPhone will let you finish the task on a Mac with no annoying overlap. There's no need to reopen windows or rewrite text on the computer. And it goes the other way, too, from a Mac to a an iOS 8 device.

iOS 8 handoff feature

What if you don't have access to the internet on your computer or iPad to get the job done? That's where the Instant HotSpot feature will come into play, easing the messy personal hotspot setup of iOS 7.

Group messages with voice and video

Group messages is also being enhanced for iOS 8 thanks to new features. You'll be able to add and drop people from conversations and silence non-stop incoming message annoyances via a group-specific Do Not Disturb toggle.

Sharing your location for a set period of time is also going to be a part of iMessages, essentially forking over the concept from Apple's underused Friend My Friends app.

iOS messages location sharing

Location sharing, when it was part of the standalone app, was ideal for meeting up in a crowded location like a baseball stadium or concert, and now it'll get more use within iMessages.

Interactive notifications

For the times when you do actually respond to texts and calendar reminders on your phone instead of a Mac computer, iOS 8 adds convenient interactive notifications.

iOS 8 interactive notifications

Like OS X Mavericks, these notifications can be dealt with in a few simple taps thanks to inline responses. There's no need to mess with the lock screen in order to take action right away.

iOS notifications have come a long way from taking up the entire middle of our phone screens, and iOS 8 makes them feel like even less of a nuisance.

Quicktype keyboard

Apple claims its iOS 8 keyboard is its "smartest keyboard ever," and there's no reason to doubt that since its Quicktype feature adds highly-requested predictive texting that's akin to SwiftKey and Swype.

The candidate row appears above the keyboard with three word-finishing suggestions and then next-word best guesses. It even varies depending on the app that's open to match your tone for each, from casual iMessages to formal emails.

iOS 8 quicktype vs Swype

If someone asks you a question, Quicktype will also automatically offer choices like "Yes" and "No" and, optionally, learn your contacts to spell everyone's name correctly.

iOS 8 Family Sharing

Maybe you'll be more willing to buy into iCloud Drive knowing that you're going to save money thanks to Apple's new Family Sharing feature that's part of iOS 8.

All iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases on the same credit card can be shared among a total of six people in your family. That beats having to sneakily exchange passwords.

iOS 8 release date family sharing feature

New parental controls force kids to ask your permission before aimlessly downloading expensive apps. This "Ask to Buy" feature beams a message to your device, so you don't need to be the fun-depriving "bad guy" in person.


Apple also plans to tie together smart home electronics with its HomeKit framework for connected devices so that you control everything without getting up off the couch.

iOS 8 smart home

Locking doors, turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat and shutting the garage won't even require tapping your iPhone 5S touchscreen, it turns out.

Instead, these actions can be triggered with Siri voice commands as simple as saying "Siri, I'm going to bed" in order for the computerized assistant to put you into something of a human "safe mode."

Siri and Spotlight updates

Siri does more than look after the house and save you on your electricity bill. Apple's voice assistant is going to start responding to "Hey Siri" as soon as you update to iOS 8.

This safer, hands-free way of activating Siri is joined by the service's ability to identify songs using Shazam's recognition software, purchase iTunes content and recognize up to 22 languages.

iOS 8 Siri update

Siri is also going to become a better listener with iOS 8 thanks to streaming voice recognition. Now the wavy lines and words that appear on screen will match what you're saying in near-real-time.

Oh yeah, in 2015 lookout for The IWatch! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Music Tuesdays! Hot Song of the Week! (Hot Box- Mila J, G-Eazy) Audio (That's Me Right There Jasmine V ft Drake) Video

Producer Bobby Brackins, Who?? The dude featured in Ray J’s “I Hit It First.” Oh... Well, he has a new single “Hot Box” featuring G-Eazy and Mila J & it's dope! Check it out below!

bobby brackins hot box

New Music From Alicia Keys!

Yesterday, Alicia Keys teased a new song from her upcoming new album (the first since 2012′s ‘Girl On Fire’).

Fast forward 24 hours and the cut, which now has a confirmed title of ‘We Are Here’, has arrived in full, video  form.

Check out the visual below, which came packaged with an open letter from Keys upon its delivery….

Alicia Keys speaks about why she wrote the song:

"The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, “Why are you here.” Why am I here?? This really hit me on a deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Madness

Momma Dee Deserves A Sturdier Tooth!

Momma Dee, LHHATL, & her recent Single Release Party in Atlanta, proved that all of her hilarious moments don’t take place on the show. Recently, Lil Scrappy’s mother sang her new song “I Deserve.” And while several people commended her vocal abilities, they couldn’t ignore a particular little mishap.

During the showcase her tooth…or veneer popped out.

Lmmao!!! This tickes my soul!! She played off pretty well, though! 

Check out the video below.

What I will say is that she caught herself rather quickly and continued on with the show. And since you already know you can’t hold Momma Dee down, check out her response to all those who tried to clown her.

Rich Homie Quan Vs Cincinatti!

It looks like Boxers Adrien Broner & Emmanuel Taylor weren’t the only ones throwing jabs at last night’s fight in Cincinnati. Broner made his grand entrance into the fightthat took place last night (Sept. 6th) with Rappers Rich Homie Quan, Yung Thug, & Birdman as they danced to the tune of the hit song “Lifestyle”. (Side Note: If we see another selfie video of people singing that song on social media we will flip our lids!)

“Walk Thru” Rapper Rich Homie Quan got into an altercation with members of the audience while coincidentally “walking thru”. The altercation quickly escalated and turned into an all out brawl. Cincinnati, whats the problem?

Watch Brawl Video:

Second Part Showing Chain Missing:

Gucci Mane Gets Time Shaved Off Sentence.

Thanks to an Atlanta court's ruling, rapper Gucci Mane will be released from a federal prison sooner than expected. According to TMZ, a judge ruled that nearly a year of Gucci's sentence has been accredited as time served, so that time has been subtracted off the original 39-month punishment. At the time of sentencing, it was noted that Mane's lawyers would argue that Gucci's 39-month sentence should begin at the time of his September 2013 arrest and not the August 2014 sentencing, and the judge finally agreed. TMZ writes that Mane will now be released from prison in December 2016.


Update* (Leaked) Ray Rice Punched Fiancée Causing Unconsciousness (Video)

This Video is ABSOLUTELY horrible!! Ray Rice needs to be locked up TOday! & his wife needs some serious counseling! 

Today TMZ released footage from the Feb. 15 incident, raising questions once more about Rice's light punishment for violating theNFL's personal conduct policy. Rice and Janay were married March 28, and the Ravens running back received a two-game suspension from NFL Commissioner RogerGoodell on July 24.

Note before watching that the content is graphic:

Your thoughts?? 

Here's an update according to the Baltimore Ravens Twitter account:

Bravo, Baltimore! Bravo!!